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Your universe Awaits

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Your universe Awaits

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What is dissolution

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Defence Force

The IPDF is the central government of mankind.
It is a coalition of pre-war governments and militaries, created with the goal to defend humanity from it’s greatest enemy.


Singularity ai

Mankind’s greatest invention, turns against us as our greatest threat. The AI were originally created in humanity’s image, it seems that they have also adopted our tenet for war.

World Building

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First person

Intense and immersive combat in a variety of PvE and PvP game modes. Put your skills to the test in competitive multiplayer and earn NFT rewards in weekly tournaments!


Ships & Vehicles play specialized roles: from dogfighting to mining and cargo transport, with specialized equipment slots to give you an edge over the competition.


Level up your weapons, tools and vehicles and unlock territories and powerups by minting them as NFTs.


Minted items are given RNG tiers, stats, and perks. Unlock gameplay and new playstyles with each new NFT mint. Combine different perks for an edge over the competition. Some perks synergize better than others. Item builds play a vital role in combat.

Player Corporations

Band up with other players and stake your claim in the solar system. In the new frontier, there are no rules. Create businesses and crush your competitors. Wage war with rival corporations and compete for control and profits in the world of Dissolution.

First persongameplay

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Adam MacDonald


Worked on Pixar, Nickelodeon, and Disney Games

Jacob MacMillan


Lead Backend and Blockchain Developer

Ben Jungwirth


Viral marketer and Videographer. Creator of the official Dissolution trailer.

Houston Song


COO, Game Designer. Web3 Systems/game designer, early Ethereum Investor. Self-funded development.

Wesley Phua

Art Director

Professional concept artist and art director with experience in AA and AAA game pipelines.

Michael Xu

Game Developer

7 years of experience in Unreal, ex. World of Warcraft Modder.



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IPC is a centralized, in-game currency that is rewarded to players through gameplay.

It’s primary use-case is for buying equipment and other in-game items through NPC stores.
IPC is designed to be inflationary as the playerbase grows, as a way to incentivize in-game spending.

DIS is a multifunctional token that plays the role of a reserve currency.

Is used for special in-game purchases such as minting NFTs, as well as governance for balancing the game. Players can earn DIS as a rare RNG loot item for completing tasks in-game.

in gameEconomy

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  • Early Access on Steam (2018)
  • Build web3 capable backend(2019)
  • Integrate with ERC-721 and 1155 Assets (2020)
  • Multiplayer PvP & PvE FPS Game Modes
  • Vehicle Gameplay
  • Story Mode Prologue Corporations/player guilds

Q1 2022

  • Transition to UE5
  • Finalise Seed & Private Rd.
  • Fundraise Team Building: Additional game Devs & Artists

Q2 2022

  • Finalize transition to UE5
  • Multiplayer Netcode Revamp
  • Revamp PvE Game modes
  • Integrate new gameloop with RNG item stats into backend

Q3 2022

  • Vehicle gameplay & replication setup
  • Asset Sale: Armour, Weapons, Ships DIS rewards go live in-game
  • In-game Marketplace
  • DIS/Token Launch
  • Art Production Begins
  • Finalise design documentation
  • Vertical slice Production

Q4 2022

  • Combine Infantry and vehicle gameplay
  • Mining and crafting gameplay
  • Capital Asset sale: Multicrew ships, land & Space stations
  • Testing and polish on Vertical Slice
  • Integration with Xenum Backend
  • Implement skeleton gameloop with NFTs

Q1 2023

  • Open-World Development Star Map
  • Territory control & tax System Asset Leasing
  • Player Deployable Assets
  • Vertical Slice Launch


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